No, this is not a blog about orchards. Or apples, to be clear. This is a place for me to collect my thoughts on the things that interest me the most – film, sports, music, and really anything I want to write about. So yeah, kind of broad, I know. But for now, this is more a place to dump my thoughts and ramble semi-coherently than a blog that seeks out followers.

I should probably explain the name. “If I had an orchard…” is a lyric from the song “Helplessness Blues” by the indie-folk group Fleet Foxes. I do realize the potential pretentiousness in naming your blog after a random indie band lyric, but it does have some significance. The track is about collectivism vs. individualism and figuring out how we want to live within that ideological framework. In the last two minutes the tempo slows and the lead singer Robin Pecknold croons about how his life would be different if he worked an orchard. You can tell this is a pipe dream – a plea for a better, yet maybe unrealistic life. In some way, writing has always been my orchard – something I’ve always loved but never truly pursued. If I Had An Orchard is meant to change that.


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